Fisheries Management

Fisheries Management Plans 

Designing a Plan to Meet Your Goals and Budget

A Fisheries Management Plan should be the basis for any fishery under management and should be designed based on a waterbody’s current status and the goals and budget of the owner.

The entire aquatic ecosystem must be assessed and managed before a fishery of any kind can reach its full potential. Fisheries management revolves around several limiting factors that influence the productivity of a fishery. Habitat, predator to prey ratios, proper fish species and available food all play a role in a fishery’s success.

Proper lake and pond management plays a significant role in preventing nuisance algae and aquatic vegetation growth, which if left unmanaged, could result in a low level of oxygen that can put your pond at a risk of a fish kill. By managing these variables on an ongoing basis, you can create an ecological balance in your aquatic ecosystem. Establish a solid foundation, and you have the fundamentals to produce a trophy fishery.

Be creative, but realistic in setting your goals. Make sure you incorporate the climate and the pond’s characteristics when developing your Fisheries Management Plan. A fisheries biologist can create a management plan designed specifically for your pond to help you meet the goals set for your fishery.