Biological Augmentation

Biological Augmentation

Balance Your Aquatic Ecosystems With Biological Augmentation

Aquatic Management Services LLC. Lake Management’s team of environmental scientists, ecologists and aquatic biologists are certified and trained in the practice of biological augmentation: using microbial and enzyme-enriched products that aid in the maintenance of healthy aquatic ecosystems. 

The use of these naturally occurring microorganisms efficiently metabolizes excess nutrients and breaks down organic matter that might ordinarily prohibit the fresh water exchange needed for an optimal environment, thus preventing many typical water quality problems.

Over time, lakes and ponds begin to fill in because of the natural breakdown of organic matter in the water which causes a buildup of bottom sludge. 

Leaves, branches, trash and other natural runoff can cause the bottom sludge to build.

As part of a good lake and pond management plan, you can help to slow the sludge buildup and help to improve water quality through biological augmentation.

When combined with proper aeration and beneficial aquatic plants, the results of biological augmentation are further enhanced.